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Brix Coworking Monona (NOW OPEN!)

Coworking Space Availability and Guide for our Monona, Wisconsin Community


AUGUST 20, 2020 | 3:00pm - 7:00pm | 1574 W Broadway, Suite 200

While there is a lot going on with the economy and the state of current health concerns, we are going to do our best to host a safe, healthy and fun event to welcome the Monona and surrounding communities in to see and experience our new workspace!

Join us at 1574 W Broadway on August 20th from 3-7pm for food, live music and small group tours! Social distancing will be practiced, plus we will be doing our best to provide sanitizing options, cleaning spaces in regular intervals, and encouraging face masks while outdoors and indoors. More details will be released soon.

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Brix Coworking Monona – Overview

We are excited to announce that we have joined the Monona community! As of February 2020, Brix Coworking opened its second location at 1574 West Broadway Suite 200 inside the Broadway Station building.

The new coworking space features a mix of flex desks, dedicated desks, private offices for 1-6 people, one (1) large conference room, one (1) huddle room, a cafe, a podcast studio, and an Eleven Music Career Sound Lounge, similar to our downtown facilities.

Members at Brix Coworking Monona have 24/7 keycard access, free off-street parking, and all the usual amenities they’ve come to expect at our Downtown Madison location. Plus members of either location can use a flex desk during office hours at either location!

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1574 W. Broadway, Suite 200
Madison, WI 53713
(608) 509-4129
Click for Map & Directions


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Coworking Space Availability

Are you interested to find out what desks and private offices are currently open and waiting for you in our Monona coworking space? Check this page to see what we currently have available.

We do our best to ensure this page stays updated regularly, however we ask that you reach out to us to double check current desk and private office availability.

Updated August 4, 2020

Private Offices (13 Available)

Available in configurations for 1-2+ people, our private offices come in a wide range of sizes and levels of coziness. Offices along the outer wall offer premium vaulted ceilings and large windows while inner offices are cozier with side windows to allow for natural light.

  • (2) 48 sq ft – $450/month (2 SOLD)
  • (2) 52 sq ft – $550/month (w/ windows) (as of September 1st)
  • (0) 57 sq ft – $550/month (SOLD)
  • (0) 62 sq ft – $625/month (SOLD)
  • (2) 69 sq ft – $760/month (w/ windows)
  • (2) 72 sq ft – $760/month
  • (2) 75 sq ft – $825/month (w/ windows)
  • (3) 84 sq ft – $880/month

Private Team Offices (3 Available)

For small businesses who don’t need a lot of space but like to work together, we offer 3 larger offices that can accommodate 3-5 people. All team offices offer windows to allow natural light in so you get your daily dose of Vitamin D.

  • (2) 120 sq ft – $1,275/month
  • (1) 158 sq ft – $1,600/month

Dedicated Desks

For those who don’t care for walls and doors but don’t want to take their stuff with them, our dedicated desks are a great middle ground that allow you to have a semi-private office with the option to socialize.

  • Dedicated Desks – $250/month (6 of 8 Available)

Standard Coworking Options

Whether you just need a desk for a couple of days or several times a week, our monthly flex desk membership and day rate options give you the freedom to fit your workspace into your busy schedule.

  • Flex Desks – $125/month (2 of 6 Available)
  • Day Rate – $20/person; M-F 9am-5pm

Conference Room Rental

With space for up to 12 people, our large Conference Room is a great area to get your team together to get some serious $#!@ done. This room offers an 85″ TV, wireless hookup and HDMI options for most computers (including Apple AirPlay), and in-ceiling speakers for presentations that require surround sound for added effect.

  • Half Day; M-F – $200
  • Full Day; M-F – $400

Huddle Room Rental

Our Huddle Room provides a great space for small team brainstorming and deep dive focus sessions. This space can accommodate 5-6 people and provides a whiteboard and a 55″ TV with an HDMI output.

  • Half Day; M-F – $160
  • Full Day; M-F – $320

Podcast Studio Rental

Do you have a great idea for the next big podcast but don’t have the equipment or knowledge on where to start? Our convenient, rental podcast studios (downtown and Monona) allow anyone to make a high quality show at an affordable rate. Available to members and the general public.

  • Monday-Friday; General Public & Members – $40/hour

Musician Coworking & Sound Lounge*

  • Monona Sound Lounge Day Pass: $11/day
  • Musician Starter: Flex Coworking + Lounge: $69/month (reg $99/mo)
  • Musician Dedicated: Dedicated Coworking + Lounge: $125/month (reg $175/mo)
  • Musician Pro: Dedicated Coworking + Coaching + Lounge: $200/month (reg $300/mo)

* Eleven Music Career Center & Brix Coworking have partnered to help serious musicians grow their music businesses and careers. Current monthly rates are introductory rates. Learn more at

Coworking Amenities

Your membership at Brix Coworking Monona includes several amenities, including free wifi, unlimited printing, coffee, tea and water. For a complete list of amenities, visit our Amenities page.

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