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Month-to-Month Membership

All Amenities Included

Lockable Filing Cabinet (per person)

Mailing Address

Private Offices


For 1-8 People

Private Office 

Team Pods


For 3-6 Person Teams

Dedicated Team Environment

Dedicated Desk


1 Person

Dedicated  Workstation

Daily "Hot" Desk


1 Person

Open Shared Worktable


Beverages: A thirsty worker is a distracted worker. Stay on task by staying hydrated with complimentary coffee, tea, bottled water.
High-Speed Wifi: Take advantage of reliable and secure, high-speed wireless internet connections for all of your business needs.
Printing: Take your documents digital to paper using our in-house printer included with membership.
Conference Rooms: Host guests and groups in a tech-enabled conference rooms when a professional setting is needed for your business. Conference room table seats up to 8 people.
Comfort: Just because you’ve left the house doesn’t mean you can’t feel right at home. Brix Coworking is designed to be a comfortable place to work, relax, and chat with other members.
Phone Booths: For client calls that require zero distractions, take the Clark Kent approach and head to the privacy of our phone booths.
Storage: Keep your personal belongings and work materials safe in our lockable storage units.
Communal Space: Skip eating at your desk and instead prep your food in the shared kitchen. Then settle into the eating lounge for a break from your desk or a chance to meet other Brix Coworking members over a bite to eat.
Ergonomic Workspaces: Desk and worktables are paired with ergonomic chairs to help you stay comfortable while being productive.  
24/7 Access: Early birds and night owls no longer have to stick to traditional business hours, as Brix Coworking is open all day, every day.
Events: Instead of days-long conferences requiring expensive travel and accommodations, attend on-site events developed with entrepreneurs and independent workers in mind. Have a small event you’d like to host? Put the open space to work for your business.
Décor: Make your office space your own with wall hangings, lamps, plants, and all the pictures of your children and pets you can fit. Want to really make the space personal to you and your business, for a small fee have the walls painted to the hue that gets you pumped up to improve your business.