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After years of early mornings, late nights, and weekends dedicated to my side hustle, my dreams of owning my own business finally came true in the spring of 2016. I loved being my own boss and choosing my own destiny. But I soon found I didn’t love my working environment.

Don’t get me wrong, I welcome the freedom of the entrepreneurial life—making my own schedule, wearing whatever is most comfortable, turning off all distractions while completing busy work. But similar to many who work from home, this freedom can also be a source of frustration.

Inviting clients or vendors to my home didn’t feel professional (and would require a lot of cleaning!), so I instead arranged meetings at local coffee shops and restaurants. The venue worked well for initial consultations, but fell short when serious meetings (complete with the sharing of private information) could be overheard by those sitting nearby. Add to that the awkward feeling that comes when you know you’ve outstayed your welcome somewhere but your next client isn’t due to arrive for another hour.

Another negative of my home office is the solo nature of it. I believe creative energy begins to dwindle the more you are alone. While your business can absolutely be successful when built in isolation, the atmosphere around you can, more often than not, send sparks of inspiration into the work you do, making it better than you ever imagined.

Coworking spaces have been my go-to solution when my usually high energy takes a dip in my home office, my home to-do list tries to out-prioritize my work tasks, or when Wisconsin winters bury my motivation in mountains of snow.

Coworking spaces provided a sense of community and collaboration even when everyone was working quietly and not conversing.

When talking did happen, it led to innovation, networking, and renewed vigor. This experience again and again is what prompted the creation of Brix  Coworking.

Brix Coworking is an inviting space I built with the needs of entrepreneurs and solo workers in mind. The atmosphere is bright and creative, as I’ve found colors can have a positive influence on how your mind works. The space is flexible enough to adapt to your growing business, allowing you to add employees and contractors to the workspace to help foster a stronger camaraderie. The common areas offer opportunities to display your projects when seeking constructive criticism or looking to generate new ideas when feeling stuck. All of this and more is available in a place that doesn’t require you to sign into a long lease or afford office space that extends far beyond your budget.

From one home worker to another, I invite you to take a tour of Brix Coworking and see firsthand how it can help you take your business success to new heights. When you’re ready for a working space that comes without the distractions and drawbacks of solo options, Brix Coworking will be waiting to welcome you into your home office away from home.

-Sincerely, Jocelyn Dornfeld